Meeting management

Meeting management tool that saves you time!

Time management is a crucial aspect for your briefing managers that in turn provides for their efficient service to your sales and marketing stakeholders.

  • BIQ’s automated workflow system is seamlessly integrated across its modules for an intelligent feedback loop for creating efficiency
  • Right room selection, date recommendation, are some of the key time saving aspect that is always available to the briefing managers
  • Custom reports, mobile alerts, would ensure that not just briefing managers, but stakeholders across the meeting management process have multiple options to save time.

Automatic Schedule Adjustments

Your customer visit center is a key asset for creating the best possible impression with your customers to help meet your revenue targets. For your busy customer visit centers where you have multiple meetings happening at any given point of time, BIQ helps in efficiently managing your schedules across your meeting rooms.

  • Easy schedule changes - drag and drop your meeting dates and schedules for intelligent conflict resolution & adjustment of date, time and room adjustments across all the impacted meeting schedules
  • Add/remove days from your meetings - Get schedules recommended based on meeting room availability, its capacity and type of meetings
  • Detailed schedule management including recommendations on meeting rooms and break rooms
  • The associated mobile app helps in providing automatic alerts and updates on any schedule changes.
Schedule Adjustments

Insightful Dashboard

The decision-making executives have a constant need to look at various aspects of meeting management and its relationship with the outcomes. While BIQ’s data intelligence has multiple reporting capabilities, the dashboard is an exclusive feature to assist the executives get a quick insight into their meeting performances.

  • A quick snapshot of all the key metrics are available right at the top for easy viewing and inference
  • Different graphical representations covering tiers, industries, visit type & focus, total meetings, meeting vs revenue etc. are always available – along with carefully defined filters for creating meaningful graphs
  • All the representations can be easily exported by briefing managers for any of their reporting needs.

Information on the Move

A busy briefing manager needs to be enabled with the right tools and information to help provide the best possible services to their sales and marketing stakeholders. Along with
the briefing manager, the attendees also need to be updated on any changes to the schedule and agenda

  • BIQ’s mobile app provides all the information available on the BIQ platform in a seamless and intuitive manner
  • Manage attendees on the move – add and remove attendees right from your mobile application
  • Share and print agendas – briefing managers can directly share and print agendas from their mobile application
  • Easy access to all the information – on the day of the event/meeting, a briefing manager’s can resolve any information need for a successful customer satisfaction – right from their mobile app
on the Move

Meeting room occupancy and easy assignment

An effective customer service center is when the meeting managers and the executives can get timely insights into how their meeting rooms are being utilized and what the general trends are when it comes to its capacity and number of attendees.

  • BIQ has a robust meeting room management where all your meeting rooms can be mapped and categorized as per their capacity and preferences (view, location, closeness to rest rooms, easy to find etc.),
  • Each meeting room is automatically assigned its own calendar for effective scheduling for determination of availability and occupancy
  • Reports and analytics can be generated to get detailed insights into each meeting room to provide for various administration and housekeeping related decision making.

Reports on demand

The effectiveness and efficiency of any customer visit center can only me measured over a period and it is paramount to ensure that various metrics pertaining to all the customer visits, events and meetings are tracked. BIQ understands the different needs of different stakeholders on their data and report usage.

  • For operations and facilities and cross stakeholder collaboration – BIQ has a robust reporting platform that allows for creating reports from any of the captured fields and tags across all the meetings scheduled via its platform
  • Custom reports can be created to extract meaningful combination of data for a progressive organization focused on creating the best in class customer visit centers
  • Intelligent workflows can be employed to create automatic trigger-based reports and alerts to meet the daily needs briefing managers to assist them for a smooth and successful meeting

Always learning workflows

Multiple topics, complicated agendas, multiple presenters – agreements on the content, caterings, logistics etc. – in time – are all challenges of a briefing managers and the stakeholders involved in setting up a successful meeting.

  • BIQ’s intelligent workflow ensures that approvals within and across various modules in a seamless manner
  • Automatic assignment of rooms based on availability and a “no-conflict” rule ease the process of approvals and allocation
  • Workflow based reports and alerts ensures that all the stakeholders are informed about any changes or decisions immediately

Detailed Reporting!

There are multiple aspects to any meeting management process that can be improved over time and it is important to ensure that process performance intelligence is available at any given point of time.

  • BIQ’s efficient reporting tools and customizable reports can be tailored to fit your organization’s KPI and objectives
  • Apart from a standard dashboard that gives you various ready analysis, your custom needs also can be easily configured
  • The plethora of data that is generated in every meeting – across the meeting management process can be utilized in creating any custom report of your need
Detailed Reporting
Track revenue

Track revenue and point of influence across events/meetings

The crux of any meeting is not just related to how efficiently it has been conducted. It is also about ensuring that how these meetings may have helped meet the revenues.

  • BIQ’s integration with various CRM tools and easy migration ability ensures that you can track every event/meeting to its associated account and revenue targets
  • Influencers and decision makers are easily identified for mapping meeting outcome to revenue
  • Post meeting analysis and custom reports are integrated to provide precise details on contributions across the stakeholders and meeting management process.