Briefing Management Solution

BriefingIQ is a comprehensive tool that offers numerous features to aid briefing managers in planning and organizing customer visits efficiently. It includes agenda management, catering management, logistics management, document management, custom notifications, calendars, dashboards, and detailed reporting. The product is designed to save time for all users and provide a seamless experience throughout the meeting management process.

BriefingIQ Automation Tools

Automated workflow system helps briefing managers save time and reduce the workload.

BriefingIQ Smart Scheduling

Scheduling room/date recommendations and conflict resolution helps streamline the workflow

BriefingIQ Seamless Feedback Loop

Seamless integration across all modules creates an intelligent feedback loop promoting efficiency.

Setup meetings and events with ease using our Agenda management module. Feed in the critical information pertaining to the service/product demonstration including briefing topics and sub-topics. Schedule and modify dates, timings and room allocations with ease and then share the proposed and final agendas with stakeholders.

  • Drag and drop scheduling and rescheduling
  • Smart conflict resolution to avoid double bookings
  • Agenda validation alert and recommended resolution
  • Recommendations for meetings and breaks

Streamlining the logistics process by automating room assignments and equipment setup.
Schedulers can assign meeting rooms for customer visits and allows briefing managers and technical managers to manage meeting requirements, such as video conferencing software and audio equipment for on-site or virtual conferences.

  • Assigning hardware and software support for meetings
  • Equipment availability, capacity, and capabilities

The product also has a catering module that assists briefing managers in accurately planning catering activities during customer visits. The module enables the organization of schedules, dietary requirements, restrictions, the number of participants, and any additional notes.

  • Note dietary requirements/restrictions
  • Track pax size to ensure no food wastage/shortage
  • Cater to specific customer needs

Streamline the preparation process with the document management module. Briefing managers can upload and organize briefing documents for each meeting, ensuring that all stakeholders have access to the necessary materials. Collaborate with sales representatives to ensure that all necessary documents are available, helping to ensure a smooth and successful meeting.

  • Easy attachments of documents
  • Supports multiple file types (pdf, ppt, docs etc)
  • Document Version control


The BriefingIQ dashboard offers several calendars, such as the room calendar, executive calendar, presenter calendar, and briefing calendar allowing for a comprehensive overview of the activities taking place in the executive briefing center.

  • Holistic view of resource allocation and utilisation
  • Overview of room usage and availability
  • Manage and organise schedules
  • Avoid double bookings and conflicts
BriefingIQ Calendars
BriefingIQ increases efficiency


Measure the effectiveness and efficiency of your customer visit center by tracking key metrics such as: attendees, catering, security, compliance, topics, opportunity revenue, presenter performance, and executive participation.

  • Create custom reports using captured fields/tags
  • Extract meaningful combinations of data
  • Automatic trigger-based reports using intelligent workflows

Data Insight

BriefingIQ’s data intelligence provides executives with key insight and metrics of their meeting performance. Measure success by tracking the revenue generated and point of influence for each event and visit.

  • Data by Tier, Industry, Visit type and Focus
  • Smart filters and tags for meaningful graphs
  • Map meetings with associated account and revenue target
  • Identify influencers and decision makers
BriefingIQ provides data insight
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