About Us

BriefingIQ intelligence powering the briefing management solution

BriefingIQ has been developed by a team that is made up of experienced professionals who understand the challenges of managing customer visits in a busy, fast-paced environment.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive solution that streamlines the briefing process, making it easy for executives to manage and track customer visits from start to finish. Our product is designed to save you time and reduce your workload, giving you more time to focus on providing an exceptional experience for your customers.

Our mission is to design a software that allows enterprises to efficiently schedule, manage, and organize their customer visits & events with ease.

At BriefingIQ, we believe that every customer visit is an opportunity to build lasting relationships and drive business growth. That’s why we’re committed to delivering a product that meets the unique needs of enterprise executive briefing centers, empowering you to provide an exceptional customer experience every time.

Thank you for considering BriefingIQ as your partner in customer visit management. We look forward to working with you!