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BriefingIQ is a comprehensive tool that offers numerous features to aid briefing managers in planning and organizing customer visits efficiently along with offering valuable analytics that evaluate the business impact of meetings.

BriefingIQ Briefing Management Solution Flowchart

Improve collaboration

BriefingIQ allows all stakeholders to access and contribute to briefing materials in real-time, facilitating better collaboration and coordination. Our software also includes features for assigning tasks and tracking progress, so everyone is on the same page.

BriefingIQ improves collaboration
BriefingIQ increases efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Our software automates tasks such as scheduling and document distribution, saving time and reducing administrative workload. With BriefingIQ, you can focus on providing an exceptional experience for your customers, rather than managing administrative tasks.

Measure Impact

BriefingIQ provides a centralized location for all briefing materials and communication, enabling better tracking and reporting of briefing activities. Our software includes features for tracking attendance, measuring performance, and generating reports, so you always have the information you need.

BriefingIQ provides data insight

BriefingIQ is
Secure, Scalable & Customizable.

BriefingIQ is secure

BriefingIQ provides a secure platform for communication and controls access to sensitive information. You can be confident that your information is safe and secure.

BriefingIQ is scalable

BriefingIQ effortlessly scales to meet the demands of your customer visit center. As you grow, so shall BriefingIQ to add the sophistication your program requires.

BriefingIQ is customizable

BriefingIQ easily accommodates to your company policies and can be tailored to reflect your briefing program requirements. We will customize our program to suit your exact brief.

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