How a corporate event planning software can ease event management

Event management has become the most essential nowadays with attendees expecting top-class technology at events. Gone are the days of sticky notes, paper piles, excel sheets, etc. as people are now embracing technology like no other to streamline their work. Sometimes a lot of organizations may not even have meeting agenda’s and even if they do, it may be distributed only when the attendees walk-in. It may be pretty ineffective on several levels and if a suggestion is given or voiced out, it may put you in a pretty awkward position.

Even if there are changes to be made, some members may wish to review the material, process it, and feel comfortable participating beforehand which may not be possible manually. This is why an agenda may be helpful to manage meeting and they may cover a lot of important questions beforehand such as 

  • Who will be a part of the corporate meeting?
  • Are the right people coming for the meeting? Are they prepared?
  • What topics will be presented? Which rooms to be allocated? 
  • Catering and other refreshments data?
  • What is the urgency of each agenda item?

This is where Virtual meeting software can help. It can send out your call for action in advance, allow everyone to view the purpose and agenda of the meeting, give the attendees a chance to make updated and additionally it can also send out multiple reminders about the meeting or the action that must be taken which you can easily track down.

Let us look at ways in which corporate event planning software can make any event look less intimidating. 

  • Helps in streamlining planning and event management: It can help manage an entire meeting lifecycle from start to finish. It can help streamline all your tasks, effectively collaborating between teams avoiding miscommunication. Keeps communication between multiple departments and verticals intact and helps foster better collaboration.
  • Better registration experience: Creating an online registration with a Google form is a thing of the past. With Virtual meeting softwareyou can create a customized registration that is more personalized which can be integrated with CRM for smooth flow of data, reducing the scope of human errors. You can also create different registrations that are based on the audience and ticket types.
  • Boost attendance: Virtual meeting software are all you need to create an integrated campaign that increases registration. Keeping track of all information manually can be quite daunting and software consolidated all the attendee information in one platform so that you can create dashboards depending on the info you need. Create an ever-lasting impression on your target audience by seamless custom report generation, mobile alerts not just briefing managers but stakeholders from across various meeting management processes helping you make decisions on the fly!
  • Synchronized information and real-time updates: It keeps everyone in the loop digitally ensuring participants have access to information up to date. No more spending working hours on a set of tasks only to see that half of them have been replaced already since you last opened the file. 

All in all, your meeting will be more productive and if you decide that Virtual meeting software is the right choice, briefingIQ can be the best solution. Get started now to find the right solution. Good luck