About Us

Briefing IQ is an event management platform that has been created to help enterprises easily align to the future of work, while creating great customer experience for all their sales and marketing meeting management problems

It’s carefully designed solution and can easily cater to the various meeting and briefing business needs whichh makes it the best choice in the event management space. This product helps with scheduling , managing and analyzing business meetings at customer visit centers, large and small-scale events and executing dining meet ups.

The team working on the product is distributed across three countries to ensure continuous support for its customers. The team is a robust group of individuals with technical expertise and those who abide by the best of the standards to ensure a healthy and efficient product development processes.

The goal of Briefing IQ and its creative team is to provide for a simple and powerful platform to efficiently setup, manage and look at various meeting metrics of enterprises and to contribute to the success of business meetings.